7 ways to fight photographers block

Hope everyone’s week started well!!

Just like writers, photographers can also feel uninspired. You want to shoot but you feel frustration set in because you don’t know what, where to shoot. The below are what I like to do to help me get out of this funk.

1- Go out and start shooting

Who says that you need to have a personal project or even a theme in mind in order for you to shoot. There’s a quote I like which says “who says you have to wait for inspiration? You go after it with a club” Exactly what I am trying to say here.

2- Focus on a colour
Maybe heading and shooting random things don’t work for you. Personally it works very well because it allows me to get lost. How about choosing a colour and focusing on it. This will narrow the focus and open your eyes and mind.

3- Feelings
This is not something I’ve tried before but definitely on my list of to dos. According to an article I read on 500px, basing your photography on certain feeling can trigger tons of inspirations.

4- Shoot street photography
A personal favourite!! Go somewhere in the city where you know loads of people pass through everyday. Everyone is different, different mannerism and ways if living. That can be translated into great images. Heard of the term people watching? Exactly what’s needed here.

5- Shoot a different style
If you are use to portraits then why not try landscape. At the moment I am trying my hand at contemplative photography. Very different from what I am use to but I am enjoying the learning process.

6- Go somewhere new
Give yourself a general direction and see where it takes. You never know what you will find

7- Collaborate
I am on Instagram and I follow many photographers who collaborates on the regular basis. Whether its to edit each others or it is to work on a joint project. Why not? Am open to that.

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