Hi everybody,

How’s has everyone week been? On my side, some days could be better but can’t complain because I have my health and sanity so it’s not all bad.

Today’s image is another one from the archives. An image I took with this one. What drew me to take this image is that in the midst of many tall glass building you a small more “traditional” building. A building you’s expect to see in London.

Urban Archcitecture in London
Urban Archcitecture in London

Processing was very straight forward. The light on this was particular good as the sky was moody and the sun fighting its way through the clouds. This created shadows in the right barely seen glass building to the right. All I did here was to adjust the White & Black in Adobe Lightroom. Then desaturated the image which was followed by tonal adjustments in Photoshop.

Have a great Thursday everybody!!!

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