To HDR or Not To HDR?

In the photographic community, HDR is still sensitive subject. Some photographers use it as a way to bring bring information out in shadows that would otherwise be lost. Good example is in Night photography.   On the other side of the spectrum, it is a processing technique that is part of their work. HDR when done correctly can be very beautiful and breathtaking. A lot of people hate the fact that it can look over-processed and fake. I myself, not sure where I fall in the category as yet. It is difficult enough for me to sit down and edit images let alone HDR. The image am sharing today was taken during the London Marathon 2013. After seeing it, my friend suggested I use the HDR in photoshop as it might be cool. Curious as I am I din and here are the results.

The Original image taken
The Original image taken
HDR processing results
HDR processing results

What are your thoughts on HDR? Which of these images do you prefer?

Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend and a great start to the week!!!

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