Outside The Station – A black and White image near the Docklands London

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
Am just sharing the fruit of my Dockland adventure. This image was taken with the Nikon D7000 with the kit lens. Only new thing is that I finally bought a polariser filter. Not exactly a massive expense but it’s been something that I should have. I must admit it makes a huge difference. Next purchase is ND Filter.Back to the image below
The original image was in colour but I wanted to strip the colour off, to make the focus the buildings, the bridge and most of all the sky. It was 2hours before sunset, and the sky turned a deeper shade of blue and golden in places. Which what in grey her.Editing
For Editing, I mainly used Lightroom 5. I adjusted the contrast in the vibrance and also the whites and blacks. This part is really important when changing to B&W, I personally think. The white balance was also adjusted. I then changed the image to B&W.
To add a little bit of depth to the image, I used the brush tool to bring out some more information such as the building especially the bricks and the glass windows. To highlight the reflection on them.

Great Start of the week everybody

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