Over Looking The City of London

It has just occurred to me that numerous shots of landscape I’ve taken have been in Central London but the touristy side. Unintentional of course. If happen to have my camera then I just do what comes naturally to me.
This image was taken on the same day as the marathon but after 3hrs of walking, aching feet and hunger etc………..
Original image
Not an image I would normally taken especially with the sun its element at that time of day but I did anyway.
On the Edge of the City

Let’s talk about Processing.
This wasn’t particularly an easy image to edit for me. Simply because I had no idea where I was going. I usually have a mental image of the end result of most of my images before I even upload them. It took me 2 days and this result was simply a HAPPY ACCIDENT.
On this image I payed around with the Exposure and Vibrance in Adobe Camera Raw. Then in Photoshop CS6,  I used the Curve to balance out the exposure a little more. I then desaturated the image and then applied the Red Filter for a strong effect and contrast. 
Images taken using Nikon equipement 


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