Marathon 2013 – More Images

Thought I’ll share some before and after images of my Marathon 2013 images. Yes, again with the Marathon. I did say that I ended with 800 images so bare with me. Editing is a nightmare at the moment. Laptop doing exactly what it wants…..
London Marathon 2013

With Editing, I usually start with Adobe Raw not knowing exactly what I’ll end up with. Sometimes I don’t even like the images but I keep it anyway forget about it then get back to it. It usually helps visualise an outcome.

London Marathon 2013

These were the first images I took. After these, I locked the Exposure and it helped quite a lot with composition. I straightened the image, recomposed the image and Exposure slightly to even out the gap in the middle of the image (sorry not sure what to call it). However, I kept the light on the Athlete darker as it draws Attention to him.
Hope everyone like it what I saw………

Images taken using the Nikon D7000

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