The iPad Mini

Does anyone else feels as ripped off as I do????

Everyone knows that I am a fan of Apple but I am slightly pissed with them at the moment. I just saw the Video and Keynotes and I am not happy.

Why is the question?

I’ve had the iPad2 for over a year now and every knows I can’t live without it (especially because of my TEMPERAMENTAL iPhone). From what I’ve seen is that it’s a smaller version of the iPad called the iPad Mini, without the weight and the price tag. Are they for real???

I really feel like my lunch money has been taken off me??? How does everyone else feel???

………………………….Here are the major features…………………


  • 7.9 inch Display Screen
  • LED Backlight display
  • 7.2mm thin and weighs 308g
  • Built in Apps
  • A5 Chip
  • 10 hours Battery Life
  • 2 Built in cameras
  • Records Full HD Videos
  • Takes 5 Megapixels Still Images
  • Advanced Wi-Fi technology (a little sceptical about this one)
  • Siri
  • iOS & iCloud
  • AirPlay & AirPrint
  • Lightning to 30Pin Adapter (Sold separately)

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