iPad 3 – A breakthrough or just another tablet????

Apple has finally announced and scheduled the release of the new iPad3. Here’s what’s new:

– New Retina screen
– Screen is now 2048 x 1536 pixels
– 5 megapixel still capture
– New iSight  back -facing camera with 1080p HD video recording and video stabilisation
– Autofocus
– Face detection
– Faster AX5 dual core processor with quad-graphics
– Ultra fast wireless
 – and built-in dictation
– iLife and iWork

Would i buy it? According to my friends, i’ll buy anything with and Apple logo on it. Am very biased to say it’s not true. Everybody knows that i have the ipad 2 and to be honest, it’s extremely useful to me especially when my iPhone refuses to cooperate. great for traveling and if you are always on the move. I can live without but I rather not.

the iPad 3 will be released on 16th of March and its price starts at 399 pounds.

Wonderful weekend guys!!!!!!!

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