Photoshop Touch for ipad

Yesterday, Adobe released finally released Photoshop for iPad. It allows you to edit your pictures on the go. Let’s just that the iPad users like myself are the last to get since it’s been Available on Android for several months. it is now available on iTunes App Store at £6.99 and IOS5 is required.
some of it’s features include:
– Combining multiple layers
– Essential edits, touch ups and professional effects
– Scribble selection for quickly extracting objets in an image
– Integration with Facebook, Google Images and Adobe Creative Cloud
i haven’t really had to explore its features but from having a quick look i know that the App includes quick a few tutorials to run you through its features and how to use them. it’s fairly easy to use and quite powerful for a mobile app.
Here are a few capabilities of this app:
– Paint with effects
– Replace colours
– Create camera layers
– Make a pencil sketch
– Create phot frames
– Add a tattoo
– Make a painting
– Add or remove people from images
– Drop shadow text
– Antique photos
– Clean up a background
– Smooth image blending
                                If you get this app, please let me know what you think…..
                               Have a wonderful weekend Guys!!!!!!!!

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