Taking pictures in RAW and Why it’s best!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the extremely long absence. I haven’t forgotten about the blog I promise. I kind of run out of ideas of what to write about and since I never managed to review my latest pictures I had nothing to post. Am coming with a few new topics before I develop writers block again.
Let’s talk about RAW. What is Raw and why you should always take your pics in RAW?
As someone that takes loads of landscape pictures, I always have to process my pictures in Photoshop after. No matter how perfect is the exposure or not I tend to lose details such washed out sky, dark shadows etc……..
By preference I always take my pictures in RAW & JPEG Basic. I do forget sometimes and take pictures in JPEG.
Why RAW and not JPEG?
I find that it is always better to have a copy of all my pictures in RAW. This format tends to hold more information and you have more freedom processing your pictures later on.
Unlike JPEG, RAW isn’t really like a picture but an accumulation of data that makes up a picture. in order to open this format in Photoshop, it needs to be converted into a readable picture first.
Take a look at the picture above to notice the difference. When you view a JPEG file on your viewfinder it always looks better than the RAW file. Under these circumstances, JPEG will always look superior to the RAW file because the camera processes the picture and also compresses before it is presented. However, with a little work you can always get a better image from RAW.
Do not get me wrong, RAW will only give you great end results if you know your way around photoshop. It takes time to get it right but i think that it is worth it. RAW data is always adaptable especially when you want flexibility over colour, contrast and most importantly exposure.
The level of control you have over a JPEG image is limited because the data is fixed. You can always make changes but they are very limited.
Under whats circumstances to use RAW?????????
Landscape: You need to be able to do them justice so RAW is required especially when you can use SPLIT-RAW CONVERSIONS………..(I will go through this another time)
Portraits: I personally use RAW under these circumstances where finner details needs to be adjusted.
Photo-journalisms: You will require RAW here. These situations are unpredictable and can’t stop and change exposures.
NB: RAW files are very large and take up quite a lot of space so an external hardrive will be necessary.
I personally only use JPEG for small family gatherings. Baring in mind that I actually shot my little sister’s  christening in RAW. I would have done the same thing again especially when you are required to be here and there and everywhere.
……………..I hope this helps………………..Please let me know if you have any questions……………
Bon weekend a tous.

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