How to Break the rule of THIRD!!!!!!!!!!

Following the post on the rule of THIRD i thought it will be good to follow up on how break those  rules. Since I love how to do that I thought i’ll share how i do just that.
The rule of third is great in certain types of pictures or photography. Sometimes it just doesn’t portray what we want. So why not placing our main subject right in the middle of our frame?
Next time you are out with your camera,  experiment with composing shots both to follow and break the rule of thirds.
Sometimes by altering such as small thing you can end up with two very different interpretations of the same scene. Perhaps share your shots with me? I’ll do the same thing and we’ll discuss the resultsIn the mean time, here some pictures that breaks the rule……………..


By not following the rules, are these pictures any less interesting? Let me know what you think.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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